Race trailer at the pole position

Race trailer at the pole position!

Elastomer couplings for variable structures

When a team arrives at the track with its race trailer, it normally wants one thing: to get ahead fast under all the pre-existing conditions. This in particular applies to the smooth conversion of race trailers into mobile team centres. Thanks to the flexible lifting and extension options of the structure, the useful surface area can often be more than doubled – as a result, additional space is created that provides room both for the high tech equipment as well as for team discussions and rest areas for the drivers.

The movements required are in part highly complex and occur under high loads. Quiet, compensatory coordination of the lifting and extension movements is likewise necessary. To achieve this, the R+W elastomer coupling type EK6, for example, has proven itself to be ideal for an automated "gallery".

Maximum concentricity, the design of the clamping hub and selection of Short hardness guarantee compensation of lateral, angular and axial shaft displacements perfectly – every movement occurs smoothly, stably and evenly.

R+W in addition offers the elastomer segments of the EK6 in different hardness degrees, for example, 98 Sh A for optimal damping or 64 Sh D for maximum torsional stiffness – depending on the main use requirements to be expected.

The deployment limits are in general between -30 and +120 degrees – but we also offer you as customer the ideal version for even more extreme temperatures from -50 to +150 degrees.

As you can see – whether in the Arctic or Emirates, summer or winter – wherever and whenever you carry out your races in the world – with R+W elastomer couplings installed in the race trailer, you are already well ahead.

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