Single-position re-engagement

Properties of single-position Torque Limiters (standart version):

  • After the overload has been removed, the safety coupling will re-engage precisely 360° from the original disengagement position.
  • Signal at overload.
  • Suitable for use in machine tools, packaging machinery, automation systems and other applications requiring precise timing.

Multi-position re-engagement

Properties of multi-position Torque Limiters:

  • Coupling re-engages at multiple set angular intervals.
  • Immediate availability of the machine as soon as the overload has been removed.
  • Signal at overload with mechanical switch or proximity sensor.
  • Standard engagement after 60°.
  • Engagement after 30, 45, 90 and 120 degrees optional.

Load holding version

Properties of load holding Torque Limiters:

  • Mechanical overload detection device.
  • In the event of an overload, the drive and the driven elements are not fully separated and are only allowed limited rotation.
  • Guranteed to hold the load and signal an overload.
  • Automatic engagement after the torque level has dropped.
  • Signal at overload to detect with mechanical switch or proximity sensor.
  • Suitable for use on presses, load lifting equipment and where the drive and driven elements can not be separated.

Full disengagement version

Properties of full disengagement Torque Limiters:

  • Permanent separation of driven and driven elements in the event of an overload.
  • No residual friction.
  • Signal at overload with mechanical switch or proximity sensor.
  • Rotating elements slow down freely.
  • Coupling can be re-engaged manually (Engagement every 60°); other engagements available.
  • For use in high speed applications.

Indication: Safety Coupling can be disengaged manually. Please contact R+W.