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Whether precision or industrial: couplings from R+W work dynamically, precisely and backlash-free. They reduce friction to a minimum, are low-wear and maintenance-free – and thus guarantee an extremely long service life and performance. With its broad product portfolio and the innovative technology of couplings, R+W provides the right answer for all torque transmission issues.

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A Revolution in Tube Bending Technology: Plug-In Bellows Couplings

A wide range of couplings for all requirements

Coupling selection is always dependent on the application and its unique requirements. R+W offers various coupling models for both high precision and heavy industrial machinery types.

Precision couplings transmit torques ranging from 0.05 to 25,000 Nm, depending on the coupling type and size. R+W’s product range includes torsionally rigid metal bellows and miniature bellows couplings, vibration damping elastomer couplings, torque limiting safety couplings, connecting shafts, and servo disc pack couplings in a wide variety of sizes and configurations.

Industrial series couplings transmit torques ranging from 200 to 2,080,000 Nm. Here R+W offers heavy duty safety couplings, torsionally rigid disc pack couplings and flexible gear couplings, along with larger sizes of metal bellows couplings and elastomer couplings.

Smart and secure into the future – the intelligent coupling from R+W is our innovative answer to modern requirements for digitalization, automation, and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).