R+W develops groundbreaking coupling technologies and new designs for maximum technical performance in the field of renewable energy, from wind turbines to hydro power and photovoltaic systems.

As the market leader for metal bellows couplings, R+W equipped a wind power megaproject with backlash free, torsionally stiff, and maintenance free bellows couplings.  The massive offshore wind farm serves the electricity needs of 210,000 households.  Over a total area of 35 square kilometers, 100 wind turbines rise 115 meters into the air to generate a combined output of 300 megawatts.

One of the most important requirements for innovative coupling solutions in the wind power industry is pitch control systems for the positioning of the individual wind turbine blades.  It is important that these systems use maintenance free precision couplings.  As wind as an energy source brings constantly fluctuating extreme loads, such as cold and wet conditions, gusts and turbulence, R+W has equipped these coupling systems with the best combination of performance and reliability.  This ensures efficient and cost optimized operation even under the toughest conditions anywhere in the world.

In the field of renewable energy, R+W offers project specific solutions based on a modular set of standard designs, built to meet all requirements.  

R+W solutions for renewable energies