Bellows couplings for the food industry

The more delicate the result is to be, the more reliably and evenly, gently and sensitively the technique must handle the ingredients that make the pleasure possible in the first place. Particularly in the production of such fine and desirable products as chocolate and pralines, safety couplings from R+W play a decisive role in guaranteeing consistent quality on the one hand and avoiding expensive failures in production lines on the other.

Just take the grinding and pressing of cocoa beans – absolutely consistent torque transmission to the grinder is essential, even the smallest changes in the drive can reduce the quality of entire batches. Or the rolling and conching of the chocolate mass, where the unique creaminess is first created, plus the uniform cooling of the chocolate mass on the conveyor belt: Even the smallest irregularities in the belt run have an influence on the consistency of the temperature and change the sensitive product. Absolute “process reliability” is just as important here everywhere as the chocolatier’s recipe, no matter how refined, whose subtle taste we would nevertheless like to have. And because the highest hygiene requirements also apply in the food industry, R+W uses only the highest quality stainless steel for its couplings. Optimum torsional stiffness, precise torque transmission and exact positioning are a matter of course for R+W couplings. All this is maintenance-free and durable – even with the smallest miniature bellows couplings of the MK model series from 0.05 to 10 Nm and bore diameters from 1 – 28 mm. Precision is everything. Precision is R+W.

Just ask us about any special requirements you may have for your production – after all, it’s the special things that sweeten the day for all of us.