The SCL servo disc coupling series for servo drives

Whether industrial robot, automation system, packaging machine or machine tool – the SCL servo disc couplings shift the performance parameters for couplings for servo drives up another notch.

In some areas, they make the application even more flexible and dynamic, absolutely offset-resistant and precise. Why? Because we can.
Unwavering positioning accuracy in any operating condition was the requirement, whether in frequent start and stop or reversing mode. And that is exactly how the SCL series from R + W has become.

The aluminum hubs ensure extremely low weight – which in turn results in a very low mass moment of inertia. The plates themselves are made of high-strength spring steel with high power density – they are fastened with high-strength screws that transmit the torque absolutely backlash-free by means of frictional locking. The double-cardanic design of the disk pack precisely compensates for angular, axial and lateral shaft misalignment.

All this, plus the low mass inertia, offers enormous potential, especially for dynamic positioning and feed tasks. And gives designers further freedom and flexibility in their own developments. The fact that the servo disk clutches are also extremely torsionally stiff, shine with torques of 25 to 100 Nm and are insensitive to corrosive chemicals or high temperatures should make the decision easy.
Designed for continuous operation over the entire service life of the plant, not only some industrial robots will ask themselves whether they should not take a further leap towards the future with the SCL.
Especially since they can also be colored according to customer requirements using the anodizing process. It couldn’t be more beautiful – and it really couldn’t be more flexible.

Let’s talk about the almost unlimited possibilities of servo disc couplings We are looking forward to it.